Automatic Updates
For security and stability issues, it's important to keep your devices up-to-date with the latest updates. The easiest way to do this is utilize the automatic update capability of your device.

Automatic Updates for Windows

All Windows computers should have automatic updates turned ON to minimize security risks and maximize computer performance.

To manually bring your computer up to date
  1. Go to

  2. If Automatic Updates (look on right side of screen) does not say Turned ON, then click to turn them on.

  3. Click on the Express button for all updates.

Automatic Updates for Mac OS X

Mountain Lion or later
If you're running Mountain Lion or later, OS X and apps can be updated through the Mac App Store. 

For information on updating through the Mac App Store, visit

Lion (OS X v10.6) or earlier

If you're running Lion or earlier, OS X can be updated by going to the Apple Menu and then clicking on Software Update. 

For more information on how to do this, visit and scroll down on the page to where it says "Updating your software in OS X Lion, Mac OS X v10.6, or earlier."