Roster Groups will enable you to create Gmail Contact Groups with student e-mail addresses for all of your courses. Roster Groups can be used to quickly send e-mail to:
  • Individual students in any of your courses,
  • All students in one of your courses, and
  • All students in all of your courses.
From the Course Rosters link within Sentry Secured Services, you can download a roster group file. You simply import this file into Gmail Contacts and all of your groups are ready for you to use.

Follow the instructions below to create your Roster Groups.

Creating the File
  1. Go to and log into Sentry Secured Services.
  2. Select Course Rosters
  3. Click "Generate Gmail Roster Groups File" located in the yellow bar below the term name (e.g., Fall 2011).
  4. Click Export to CSV button and then click Download on the pop-up window. Depending on the browser you are using and its settings you may be asked to Save or Open the file. Save the file. If you do not know where the file is saved (your download default location) then you should open the file and save it in the location of your choice.
  5. After the Download is complete click Cancel to close the pop-up window.

Importing the File into Gmail Contacts
  1. Login to your RMU Gmail account at:
  2. Click "Contacts" in the top navigation bar above the RMU logo.
  3. Click "Import Contacts" on the left-hand side of the screen, click "Choose File" to select the file that you downloaded in step 4 above, and click Open.
  4. Click Import. The Groups will display under "My Contacts".
  5. Note: Prior to importing, if you have imported Groups for this term previously, you must delete the Groups from Gmail Contacts before you import again. The import merges with the existing Groups so students who have dropped your class will not be removed from their Groups.

More information:

Updating Groups

Make sure you regenerate your Groups often, especially in the beginning of your courses, to account for students who add, drop or withdraw from courses.
  1. Open Gmail Contacts and click "Contacts" in the top navigation bar above the RMU logo to see your current Roster Groups.
  2. Click on a Group under My Contacts and select "Delete group" from the "More" button below the RMU logo. Repeat for every Group in the term including the Students-{term} group, e.g., Students-201180).
  3. Follow the steps above to download and re-import the Groups again.

Sending E-mails to Groups
  1. Open Gmail
  2. Click Compose Mail
  3. Enter the group name in the To:, CC: or BCC: field. BCC is recommended because it hides the student addresses and prevents "Reply All".
  4. You can also select recipients or groups from the contacts and click "mail" to send a message.