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Resident Student Device Registration
In order to gain network access to the RMU Residential Network, you must register your device with us. Follow the steps below to connect your device.
To gain access to the RMU Residential Network (ResNet):
  1. Start the ResNet Registration process by signing into Sentry Secured Services.

  2. Agree to the terms and conditions of the Residential Networks. Install all software and/or updates as instructed.

  3. Provide contact information and verify your room information.

  4. Provide information about your PC and click "Register."

  5. Shut down your PC, wait 5 minutes, then restart your PC.

For detailed instructions on registering an Xbox or PS3 on our network, please click here.

After restarting, if you
cannot access external websites (such as, please verify that the MAC Address you entered matches your machine.

If necessary, after verification, please contact the ResNet Support Service at 412.397.2299.