ResNet Service Catalog
ResNet is an Information Technology organization that supports resident students in their resolution of technology problems. The service catalog provides the Robert Morris community with information about ResNet services offered to its campus.
  • A Description of the service,
  • Related Costs
  • Estimated Time
  • How to Request a Service
  • Escalation Points
The ResNet office is located on the first floor of Lexington Hall and on the first floor of Yorktown Hall. Walk-ins to ResNet are always welcome
Need to register a device? Check out our instructions on how to register.
Contact the ResNet Office
Phone Support: (412) 397-2299 Email Support:

Our Hours of Operation
Lexington Hall Location Yorktown Hall Location
Monday - Thursday 1pm - 11pm Monday - Thursday 1pm - 11pm
Friday 1pm - 6pm Friday Closed
Saturday Closed Saturday Closed
Sunday 6pm - 11pm Sunday 6pm - 11pm
 Summer Break Closed  Summer Break Closed
Holidays Closed Holidays Closed