Mobile Security
With over 5.3 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide, these mobile devices are now conventional gadgets for data storage and communication. But, compared to PCs, mobile devices and other mobile devices are more prone to be lost or stolen. This causes a huge risk of identity theft, compromised information, and financial loss. Below is a list of some basic steps you can take to protect yourself and your data.

Basic Tips to Protect Your Mobile Devices

• Enable Auto Lock: Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or an Android based mobile devices, make sure you have enabled the built-in phone lock feature with a strong password. This adds an extra layer of security to your mobile device and prevents unauthorized access; even it is lost or stolen.

• Update Your Device: Be sure to always update your device when prompted or when update is available. These updates include fixes for bugs, vulnerabilities, and additional features. This will ensure your device is protected against the latest security risks. NEVER put off an update, as this greatly increases your chances of a security breach.

• Backup Your Mobile Devices’s Data: The biggest risk of losing a mobile device is perhaps letting all your important data go into wrong hands. The wisest thing you could do is to have backup of all your important data – phonebook, photos, messages etc…The backed up data can later be used for restoration on your new mobile devices. 

 Lock Sensitive Applications: Another useful way to protect your personal data on your mobile devices is to make use of an application locker utility. Having your mobile devices configured with this utility will prevent unauthorized access to applications that contain sensitive personal information, such as Messaging, Phonebook, Gallery, etc... Even if someone finds or steals your phone, they cannot access these protected apps without a valid password.

• Proper Disposal: When you are getting ready upgrade to a new device, be sure to perform a factory reset. This will ensure your device is clean of any personal data; including account passwords, email, photos, ect. If your upgrading your mobile device, remember to remove or format your SD card.